One in eight young people have a diagnosable mental illness. Despite this, not enough training and awareness is made of young peoples mental health.

Support for us provides training around young people’s mental health, catered for a variety of audiences, including:

• Parents

• Teachers

• General healthcare professionals

• Mental health professionals

• Youth workers

• Support workers

These are face to face classes and workshops, with online courses currently being developed.

Face to face classes can be one off classes, ranging from a few hours to a 3 day course, or can be weekly sessions over a long period of time.

Training includes:

• Mental Health First Aid

• Information on specific mental health conditions

• Stigma and discrimination around mental health and mental illness

• Looking after your own mental health

• Building resilience

• The use of social media

• How to support young people you work with

If you would like face to face training within your community or workplace, please email

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