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Fundraisers like yourself play a huge role in the support and running of the charity. There are a variety of ways you can support us to fundraise money to help the running of the charity. Below are a list of just some of the ways you can fundraise for the charity.

If you fundraise for Support For Us, we will assist you from start to finish so that you receive the most that you can from it.

Run in the marathon

Support For Us will have places in the 2020 Brighton Marathon. These places can be yours with a £20 registration fee and £500 minimum fundraising target.

If you choose to run for Support For Us, we will support you throughout the process:

  • Provide on-going support throughout the process, including training and fundraising
  • A Support For Us running vest
  • Fundraising materials
  • A support checkpoint on the route

Bake sale

Are you or your friend a great cook? Baking some cakes and selling them to fellow students, friends and family is a great way to fundraise

Karaoke night

Love singing? Think you can out sing your friends? Why not have a karaoke night to show off your skills? Have a group of judges, with the best singer getting a prize.

Football match
Have access to a football pitch? How about arrange a football match between 2 teams to see who can beat the other.

Quiz night

How about running a quiz night in your local café or bar to fundraise? This could be on mental health, sports or any topic your friends think they know a lot about.
The winning team gets a prize.

One competetive way to make a quiz successful is having rival universities or societies within the same university up against each other? Who will get the most marks? Only time will tell!


Are you known for having a long beard, hairy legs or hair on your head? If you’re thinking of a change of appearance, how about doing it for charity? Get your friends and family to sponsor you to shave it off. If they donate a certain amount, how about letting them shave it off for you (if you trust them, that is!).

Another way for this to be successful is if you can convince a lecturer to do it (although heavy persuasion may be required). Make sure you get their approval before setting them this challenge.


Are you known to be a talkative person? Why not challenge yourself not to speak for 24 hours, with your friends and family donating money? To make it competetive, you and a group of your friends can all do it and see who lasts the longest.
When doing this, just make sure you’re not doing it on the day of an oral exam or important class!

Themed party night

Student union nights are very popular amongst students. Why not have a night where proceeds go to Support For Us? A bonus is if you choose a specific theme, with the person or group of friends who have the best costume matching the theme get a prize.

Quit challenge

Do you love chocolate? Tea? Coffee? Your mobile phone? Social media? Willing to accept the chalange to not have your favourite item for a period of time?

Give it up for a period of time, usually 24 hours, with friends sponsoring you to do it. Not only does this fundraise money, it gives you some breathing space away from your favourite item.

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