Support For Us, lead by Sam Barakat, is a campaign to changethe way Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) is accessed acrossthe UK. Like with the sexual health support, CAMHS needs to be accessible andconfidential for young people. Sadly, for many, this is not the case. 

In 2017-2018, Sam Barakat conducted a study, where young people from across the UK shared their views and/or experiences of CAMHS.

1,438 12-25 year olds responded, with 1332 from England, 40 from Wales, 46 from Scotland, 15 from Northern Ireland, 1 from Isle of Skye and 1 from Isle of Wight. 

697 (48.4%) of respondents have used CAMHS and 741 (51.6%) have not used CAMHS

77.2% of those who have not used CAMHS think accessing CAMHS would be easier if they were certain it would be confidential. 

54.5% of those who have used CAMHS say their experience would have been easier if they knew it would be confidential. 

621 (89.1%) of those who’ve used CAMHS and 631 (85.2%) of those who have not used CAMHS think that young people should be able to seek help without parents knowledge. 

In comparison to this, only 165 (23.7%) of those who’ve used CAMHS and 187 (25.2%) of those who have not used CAMHS think you can go to CAMHS confidentially. 

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