Aims and Values of the charity

Aims of the charity

Support for us is a new start-up charity providing information and training courses around young people’s mental health. The training will be adapted for a variety of audiences, including:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • General healthcare professionals
  • Mental health professionals
  • Youth workers
  • Support workers
  • Young people

These will be online courses, as well as face to face classes and workshops. Face to face classes can be one off classes, ranging from a few hours to a 3 day course, or can be weekly sessions over a long period of time.

Training includes:

  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Information on specific mental health conditions
  • Stigma and discrimination around mental health
  • Looking after your own mental health
  • Building resilience
  • The use of social media
  • How to support young people you work with

Information and resources around young people’s mental health will be made easily available both online and offline.

Values of the charity

Support for us believes that all young people should be able to:

  • Be knowledgeable around the subject of mental health and mental illness
  • Feel equipped to cope with any mental health issues they may experience
  • Have knowledge of what support is available for their mental health
  • Feel able to seek professional help
  • Have confidence they can speak to somebody confidentially (provided no risk is present)

All those who come into contact with young people should be able to:

  • Feel confident speaking to young people about their mental health
  • Have the ability to best support young people with their mental health
  • Have knowledge around young people’s mental health and  how to assist somebody experiencing mental health issues
  • Have knowledge of when confidentiality should be respected, when it should be broken and how to appropriately report risk

For this to be achieved, more training and resources need to provided to young people, as well as those who live and work with young people.

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